letter Gill sketch

Once upon a time, when I was twelve or so I sketched newspaper headlines for an English class assignment – purely for the fun of it. Recently we were given an assignment to sketch different weights for classic lettertypes such as the Futura, Baskerville and Garamond.

My choice was the Gill. A classic and nice font to sketch and here’s my result. I think I did okay considering the hard time I gave myself for not getting it in on time.

In case you are wondering, the (Dutch) text means “the trees bloom under wild swayingly rain curtains” which I thought was rather appropriate with the recent autumnal weather we have had in Holland of late.

letter Gill sketch



Design game II


design game image

Not only was it invigorating to make quick and saleable (allbeit fictional) designs within a short space of time under pressure, it was also a welcome change to work with other students in a team setting. Pooled talents used in a team setting, provided you have the right mix of talents, strengths and personality, can lead to surprising results! One of our designs was disqualified due to unsaleability — oops — oh well, better luck next time.

design game

design game

Three greytones


Ever tried to create three grey tones optically in relation to each other where the middle tone is about 50% of the lightest grey tone and 50% of the darkest tone combined? Not only that but the middle tone, is as close to “middle tone grey” as you can possibly achieve. If you have, you will know that it is quite hard to do. I chose to do mine with pencil and pen, that way I have more control than I would have if I had chose to use paint.

3 greytones

Next week we will be taking part in a so-called design simulation (or Ontwerpsimulatie in Dutch). I will be looking forward to it providing me insights into how design decisions are made (in a real life simulated environment), the importance of communication and how the success of a project very much depends on the designer’s ability to foresee problems ahead of the competition.

Type video


This amusing video exclusively made out of typefaces and colour is very well made and a pleasure to watch.