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Design game II


Not only was it invigorating to make quick and saleable (allbeit fictional) designs within a short space of time under pressure, it was also a welcome change to work with other students in a team setting. Pooled talents used in a team setting, provided you have the right mix of talents, strengths and personality, can […]

Three greytones


Ever tried to create three grey tones optically in relation to each other where the middle tone is about 50% of the lightest grey tone and 50% of the darkest tone combined? Not only that but the middle tone, is as close to “middle tone grey” as you can possibly achieve. If you have, you […]

Next week we will be taking part in a so-called design simulation (or Ontwerpsimulatie in Dutch). I will be looking forward to it providing me insights into how design decisions are made (in a real life simulated environment), the importance of communication and how the success of a project very much depends on the designer’s […]