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Sauna typeface


I was asked to make a presentation of a typeface of my choice. I presented background information about the typeface Sauna and explained why I choose it, why I liked it and compared it with Cooper Black explaining why I think it is better. The Cooper Black typeface video is fun to watch, and informative. […]

Once upon a time, when I was twelve or so I sketched newspaper headlines for an English class assignment – purely for the fun of it. Recently we were given an assignment to sketch different weights for classic lettertypes such as the Futura, Baskerville and Garamond. My choice was the Gill. A classic and nice […]

David Carson (radio) Robert Bringhurst (text)

Type video


This amusing video exclusively made out of typefaces and colour is very well made and a pleasure to watch.

Type poster


The assignment was to create an A2 sized poster using just one letter. The letters we could choose from are here. I chose the letter K from the font type “Rotis Semi Sans 55 Roman“. And here are our results: