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A couple out of the recent nude drawings we have been making at our Friday evening drawing classes. Advertisements

Joshua Davis


I managed to catch the second half of Joshua Davis’s Masterclass last Friday. During his open and witty presentation he explained how he uses and selects colour in his artwork (inspired by nature) and how he automates the process of generating endless combinations of colour in his artwork. He certainly opened up my eyes and […]

Sauna typeface


I was asked to make a presentation of a typeface of my choice. I presented background information about the typeface Sauna and explained why I choose it, why I liked it and compared it with Cooper Black explaining why I think it is better. The Cooper Black typeface video is fun to watch, and informative. […]

I can’t seem to get enough of this lovely piece of animated beauty. Check it out yourself and be enriched, be seduced and be happy because of it [link].