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A couple out of the recent nude drawings we have been making at our Friday evening drawing classes.

nude drawing 00 nude drawing 01

Joshua Davis


I managed to catch the second half of Joshua Davis’s Masterclass last Friday. During his open and witty presentation he explained how he uses and selects colour in his artwork (inspired by nature) and how he automates the process of generating endless combinations of colour in his artwork. He certainly opened up my eyes and world to his work, particularly how traditional artwork can be combined with technology.

joshua davis

Sauna typeface


I was asked to make a presentation of a typeface of my choice. I presented background information about the typeface Sauna and explained why I choose it, why I liked it and compared it with Cooper Black explaining why I think it is better. The Cooper Black typeface video is fun to watch, and informative. Sauna is the younger brother and a contemporary version of the classic Cooper Black typeface.

Here’s a copy of my presentation and a preview of what’s to come. Watch this space for my book about my chosen typeface “Sauna”.

A big up to Akiem at Underware for agreeing to sponsor me with the use of this wonderfully inspiring typeface.

cover page

I can’t seem to get enough of this lovely piece of animated beauty. Check it out yourself and be enriched, be seduced and be happy because of it [link].

This stop motion animation just goes to show that by using few materials you can come up with the most wonderful results. It must’ve been hard not being able to see the end result and have taken endless hours and hours. The accompanying retro music is not too bad either.

An excellent way to kill time if you find yourself bored, and have fun while doing it. Check out this flash-based game (called DR3I) by Mach Parat in Germany [link].

For me it conjures up vague memories of the game I sparsely played in my younger years, “Operation” where you would carefully lift out metal body parts from a person’s body, as carefully as one can, without touching the sides.operation game image

letter Gill sketch

Once upon a time, when I was twelve or so I sketched newspaper headlines for an English class assignment – purely for the fun of it. Recently we were given an assignment to sketch different weights for classic lettertypes such as the Futura, Baskerville and Garamond.

My choice was the Gill. A classic and nice font to sketch and here’s my result. I think I did okay considering the hard time I gave myself for not getting it in on time.

In case you are wondering, the (Dutch) text means “the trees bloom under wild swayingly rain curtains” which I thought was rather appropriate with the recent autumnal weather we have had in Holland of late.

letter Gill sketch


Design game II


design game image

Not only was it invigorating to make quick and saleable (allbeit fictional) designs within a short space of time under pressure, it was also a welcome change to work with other students in a team setting. Pooled talents used in a team setting, provided you have the right mix of talents, strengths and personality, can lead to surprising results! One of our designs was disqualified due to unsaleability — oops — oh well, better luck next time.

design game

design game